Asian Painting Restoration

Returning Asian Paintings To Their Original Beauty
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The Technique Of Studio MAYU

MAYU means "a cocoon" in Japanese. Studio MAYU is a place where damaged Asian paintings are given a new life, like a caterpillar is transformed to a beautiful butterfly inside a cocoon. Studio MAYU was founded by art speciallist Tomoko Murakami and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer conservation treatments and mounting of Asian scroll paintings for small museums, art galleries, antique shops and private collectors.

Art Specialist: Tomoko Murakami

Tomoko is a San Francisco Bay Area art specialist born and raised in Japan. As a young artist studying Japanese painting in Tokyo, she developed a passion for a variety of Asian art forms. She brings a keen eye for detail, passion and creativity to all her restoration work. Tomoko has spent 20 years developing skills and techniques to restore the beauty and integrity of Asian paintings.



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