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MAYUThe Technique of Studio Mayu

MAYU means "a cocoon" in Japanese. Studio MAYU is a place where damaged Asian paintings are given a new life, like a caterpillar is transformed to a beautiful butterfly inside a cocoon.
Studio MAYU was founded by art speciallist Tomoko Murakami and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer conservation treatments and mounting of Asian scroll paintings for small museums, art galleries, antique shops and private collectors.

Studio MAYU specializes in the care and treatment of:

  • Hanging scrolls (kakejiku/kakemono)
  • Folding screens (byobu)
  • Hand scrolls (makimono)
  • Sliding door paintings (fusuma)
  • Albums
  • Thangkas

The following are some examples of deterioration which can be treated:

  • Surface dirt
  • Discoloration and "foxing"
  • Creases, losses, and tears in the support
  • Flaking off of the paint layer
  • Lack of flatness in the painting structure

The technique and the craft of mounting, Hyogu, is an integral part of the restoration treatment process specific to scrolls and screens. Through remounting, most of the problems listed above can be treated. If done properly, mounting/remounting can also increase the aesthetic quality and value of a painting.

Creative, non-traditional mounting design of contemporary paintings and calligraphy is also available in Studio MAYU.

Tomoko’s passion for art and love of working with her hands combines to create an exceptional talent for giving new life to her clients’ beloved and highly-valued artwork.



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